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EZM Trade and Investment was established by the founder and CEO, Esmelalem Zewde Mergia under the laws of Ethiopia in the year 2016, Head office is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are experts in sourcing, promoting innovations, and supply.

We have been serving companies in Ethiopia and the neighboring countries for the past years and we provide customers with an unparalleled level of services, reactivity, and competitiveness in the areas of supplying Construction & Finishing Materials, Medical Supply & Equipment, Stationery, Wide-ranging solution for Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals and other enormous projects and Consulting for Global Sourcing & Export services.

We are committed to being the ideal partner for our esteemed customers. We understand the customers have a broad range of requirements and seeking a reliable trading company that can satisfy their supply needs and guarantee timely and continual delivery we thrive to fulfill all the requirements of our clients

Why Choose US

EZM imports high-quality innovative products for virtually every field of work, for customers who are seeking a reliable trading company that can satisfy their supply needs and can guarantee timely delivery and continuous guaranteed availability


We’re all striving for success, and our ambition is to help you achieve your’s through offering tailored solutions.


Act on your inspiration. We provide innovative project solutions and the platform to allow you to stay inspired.


Your trust in us is priceless. That’s why we hold honesty and transparency in the highest regard.


Having the ability and the resources to provide quick, innovative and intelligent solutions


Wide network of manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality and innovative products globally.

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We are dedicated to becoming an ideal partner for our esteemed customers. We understand that our customers have a wide range of requirements and are looking for a reliable trading company that can meet their supply needs while also guaranteeing timely and consistent delivery, and we strive to meet all of their needs as we realized our clients are looking for a reliable one-stop project materials supply services.

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